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Spaz could hardly sit still. He was going to go on an actual adventure! A real pirate adventure!! It was all he could do to keep from bouncing all over the car. In fact, if he wasn't wearing his seat-belt, he'd definitely be bouncing all over the car!

When they got to the docks, Monica looked at her son. "Now, you're sure you'll be alright? You have everything? Your meds? Your life-jacket? Your lunch?"

"Yes mama," Spaz said in an exasperated voice. He did have everything he needed, including a pirate hat, and coat-hanger hook, and plastic sword. As well as the other things his mom thought he needed: sweater in case it got cold, $10 for emergencies only, and a few other essentials, all packed into a nap-sack.

"Ok then," Monica said. She got out of the car like a normal person. Spaz, on the other hand, practically fell out of the car. His head looked every which way to see where Drew was.
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