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Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

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Downtown Millville, Post Office parking lot

Gordon sighs as he pulls into the parking lot. Those kids, so full of promise and yet they seem afraid to apply themselves... He scratches his chin. I guess I'm forgetting what it was like at that age.

Smirking at his own self-riotousness he exits his car. His first few weeks teaching at the Catholic high school had gone fairly well, considering this is his first unsupervised teaching assignment. Goodbye teachers aid salary!

He opens the trunk of his car, puts in his dress shoes (having changed into waterproof boots), and takes out his binoculars. He walks over to the edge of the parking lot and looks down into the stream running at the bottom of the 20 foot ditch. He looks over at the concrete bridge nearby and smiles. Good, I can already see them. Should be a small colony of at least twenty nests...

He walks off the curb and down, finding precarious footing on the side of the ditch.
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