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Shiela McNeil Memorial Library, Glassboro

((OOC: I've had this character made up for a while, but haven't gotten around to playing her until now. cowpewter, if you're still about, this is the character I was talking about in this comment; anyone else can feel free to interact with her, too. :))

Claudia Wyndam finishes setting up the books on top of the shelves, her eyes dancing with excitement.

It's been a long, hard road, but she's finally been able to wrangle a larger Children's and Young Adults' section for the library. And a good thing, too - some of those old books weren't even fit for the Jumble Sale.

Now, the former office space is filled with bookcases, posters, comfortable seating, two computers - and of course, books of nearly every description. Another shelf holds videotapes and DVDs; the selection is smaller than one might find at a video store, but does encompass a variety of subjects. Another, smaller shelf holds cassette tapes and CDs.

She eyes the Storytelling area fondly - there's a comfy (if gently-used) armchair from one of the other staff members, and a plethora of cushions scattered about it. That looks so much more comfy than the old table-and-chairs set-up.

She dusts off her hands on her blue corduroy skirt, and then glances at the clock. Almost time for the patrons to start coming in - I can't wait to see what the children think of the new area!
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