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An Advertisement in November

All over campus, the following message was posted:


Singers and musicians for a Celtic Rock Group.

If interested, please email JKeets@H... or show up at the Student Center, room 153 at 3:30.
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At about 3:20 on the afternoon specified, a petite, slightly plump brunette in a gown of deep wine satin (similar to this one) bounces into room 153. As curious as a kitten, she looks around, her eyes shining with excitement.
Jacobee yawns. It had been a rough term so far, and he REALLY needed the chance to relax and have some fun. A band seemed like the best idea for it. (Not to mention a possible new way to find some Dreamers! Not that Andy didn't provide him with more than enough glamor to keep him remembering who he is for years to come, but...)

When he opens his eyes, he saw someone peering into the room. He grinned. "I won't bite," he said. "You can come in if you want."
The brunette starts a little, then her round face breaks into a smile. "Hi! I'm Jillian Walker. I saw your sign - I've been playing keyboard since junior high school. I'm a little out of practice, but I really love Celtic stuff, and I bet I could pick it up again really quickly." A pause for breath. "I sew, too, so even if you've already got a keyboard player, I'd be happy to make costumes for the band."

((OOC: To Jacobee's faerie sight, this bubbly young lady quite obviously has potential as a Dreamer.))
"Hey, that's cool," Jacobee replied. "Well, so far, the only person in the band is myself, and I play guitar." He points to two of the guitars in the room: an electric and an aucustic. There is also a piano in the room, and a drum kit.

"I also do some vocals, but there are some songs that guys just can't sing, you know?" He grins. "So, do you just want to jam for a bit? Do you know Banish Misfortune?"
Jillian's face lights up. "Ooo! I love that song!" She looks around at the instruments. "So, I could play the piano, or do you want to play and have me sing, or...?" Suddenly remembering her manners, she gives Jacobee a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I'm babbling. I do that when I get excited."
Jacobee's grin becomes bigger. "Well, it'd be kind of hard to jam if you don't play." He winks then looks thoughtful.

"Are there words to Banish Misfortune?"
Jillian blushes. "Sorry. My mouth works faster than my brain sometimes." Pause. "Maybe I'm thinking of another song with the same name...the one I heard goes like this..." She pauses, then starts singing in a low voice,

"Christ the King, born in a manger
Christ the King is born on this day
All of nature joins the rejoicing
Banish misfortune away
Banish misfortune away....

Her voice is soft and low; though it's a little flat here and there, it's still pleasant to listen to.
((OOC: I can't believe I missed this e-mail under all my other stuff! Sorry about that!))

Jacobee's eye brows raise as he listens to Jillian sing. It definately wasn't the almost Rock-and-roll song he had been thinking of, but she sounded great!

"Wow. That's awesome," he said. He started to strum what he hoped would be the right chords to the song, as well as add some deceptively complicated scales to it. Then he played the first part of the chorus of the version of Banish Misfortune that he knew. It was a reel that invited people to dance.

"Not quite the same thing, is it?" he asked when he finished.