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An Invitation to Court

At St. Bridget’s school, the invitations started to appear mysteriously, and in the oddest of places: slipped into backpacks, lying on a pillow on one’s bed, and in once case, falling from the sky at exactly the right moment for a changeling to pick it up. On campus and in the working world, letters of invitation arrived in one’s mailbox. With some variation for childlings, they all contained the same message:

The Baron Elvon von Lain wishes your presence for the first session of Open Court, to be held on ((date given. It’s a Saturday)) starting at 7:00 pm, in the basement of In-Bounds, located at ((address given)). The entrance is at the side of the building. Please RSVP Baron Elvon or Lady Monica at ((phone number given)). Childlings and younger wilders, please show this invitation to your parents/guardians as it’s magic will ease any fears they may have in you attending.

Although this is to be an informal Court, safeguards against improper behavior will be in force. Furthermore a (hopefully) short discussion of the state of the Barony will take place.

Baron Elvon von Lain,
Holder of the Deft Poet’s Freehold.
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